Online Pewter and Metal Embossing Courses for all Skill levels

At the Metal Embossing Academy, our mission is to teach the ancient art of metal embossing, metal tooling and pewter art in a fun, step-by-step way that guarantees success to our students.

We offer courses across all skill levels, from complete beginner to master level.

We aim to offer a welcome escape from the troubles of the world and offer a supportive, encouraging environment to our community where we grow and learn together

Everybody is welcome here! This is a safe, accepting community of metal art lovers from all across the world, and we can’t wait to welcome you into our world.

Our Community Loves us

Why our Community Loves Metal Embossing

Gordon Burry

Takes me away from stress from back surgery pain an helps with being alone. This could turn out to be the best addiction one could have HAPPY EMBOSSING EVERYONE.😀

Lourdes DelPino de Olazábal

It’s cathartic! I work at the computer all day doing research, so I play with my embossing projects at night while I listen to whatever TV series we’re watching. It’s relaxing and after a few hours or days, you end up with something beautiful to enjoy. I never thought I would be doing anything like this because my “thing” has always been numbers and logic and I’m the least artistic person ever!

Julie-Marie Green

For me metal embossing is a craft where I can use recycled materials and that is always a reason to love it

Patricia Gomes Monteiro

It is so fulfilling, I love seeing how something comes alive, it is a time of peace for me, I just love it.

Deborah Marie

It is relaxing but challenging with each type of metal. Each time you touch the metal and using it with mix media, too
I can go on forever fell in love with it at my first class in Canada
Also, I like to recycle metals too

Melani Welzig

I love many Mixed Media Arts.
Pewter is the most *alive* medium for me.
Impressions set hundred different textures into a thin, pliable metal surface. It’s abilities enhance the play of dark and light with help of corosion. It enables baffeling 3D effects with high and low relief formations.
Different spirit-based colours or just a coat of varnish lets it sparkle into a precious focalpoint.
It just boggles my mind every time!💞

Terllina Ha

I like it because it is very elegant and beautiful, but above all because it is a material that challenges us to capture our ideas and imagination in it.

Your Instructor - Ninette Kruger

Pewter Artist and Instructor Ninette kruger
Ninette Kruger

If you’re keen to learn more about metal embossing, pewter art and metal tape art and crafts, I would be delighted to share my knowledge and experience from the past 20 years with you.

I was born in South Africa and have been living in New Zealand with my family since 2016.

I started my own pewter art journey in 2004 and have been honing my craft ever since.

You can create beautiful pewter and metal artworks! And it can be fast, easy and fun! 

Let me share my best tips, techniques and strategies with you so that you can create your metal artworks with CONFIDENCE 


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Shop For Metal Embossing Tools and Supplies

Visit our shop and browse a wide variety of metal embossing and metal tooling tools and supplies

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