11 Interesting ways to use metal offcuts

Love Metal Membership Club Challenge May 2020: Use only metal offcuts from previous projects to create a new piece of art

We’ve been having a lot of fun in the Love Metal Membership Club this month.

Our challenge for the month of May 2020 is to only use scrap metal pieces from previous projects to create a brand new piece of art.

Ideas on how to use metal off-cuts in creating new pieces of art

I will definitely advise you to never ever throw away pewter and metal off-cuts. I have found that you can even use tiniest corners to gift a wooden box a facelift or make an pair of earrings.

Some of the ways in which you can use little metal pieces, include:

  • Embellishment for candles, tins or glass jars
  • Jewellery
  • Rock art
  • Bookmarks
  • Gift tags
  • Embellishments on greeting cards, and more!

Entries from our Love Metal Membership Club members for our May 2020 Challenge

Herewith some the entries we’ve received from our Love Metal Members so far:

This heart is where it all started… In April, during the Covid-19 lockdown, I signed myself up for Matt Tommey’s Quarantined Creatives art challenge.

The first challenge was to create a piece of art entirelt out of something you would have thrown away…

I have been saving metal-off-cuts from other projects for over 15 years, so I had lots of interesting pieces to play around with. These included pewter, aluminium, copper-coated aluminium and coloured metal off-cuts.

In this video, I share the entire process of creating this heart, as I went along

Made by Ninette Kruger from the Metal Embossing Academy

Please watch this space for more creative ways to use your metal off-cuts, we’re only halfway through the month…

In the meantime, PLAY, EXPERIMENT and HAVE FUN by coming up with creative ways to use your stash off metal off-cuts!

Please let us know if you have more creative ideas on how to use metal off-cuts by commenting below.

2 thoughts on “11 Interesting ways to use metal offcuts

  1. Hi, Love the use of offcuts. My question is what glue do you use? Also what do you do about the sharp edges in all projects ?

    1. Hi Gina
      Thanks for your question! I normally use either double-sided tape or contact glue, depending on the project. If I want to stick the pewter/aluminium to metal, glass or wood, I’ll use contact glue, and if I want to adhere it to cardstock or mount it on mounting board, I’ll use double-sided tape. I normally stick my own projects to recycled cardboard before mounting it, so that I can neatly fold over the sharp edges, using a paper stump. Hope that helps!

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