New Tauranga Art Space – Back Studio – Easter Art Fair 2021

Brand New Art Gallery Space in Tauranga opens up for its first Art Fair, featuring 12 New Zealand Artists

Back Studio is a new art space in Tauranga that opened up on Friday 12 February 2021. It offers a place for local artists to engage with the community, in a large and well-appointed warehouse space in Tauriko, Tauranga.

The aluminium-clad fine art venue is a mix of exhibition hall, contemporary art studio, workshop platform, and industrial catwalk.

It’s the brainchild of visual artist Jacki Barklie (below), who has begun inviting Tauranga creative people to collaborate, show, and build a dynamic arts nexus.

Back Studio Art Fair Vernissage – 2 to 5 April 2021

To warm things up before autumn arrives in New Zealand, Back Studio will present its first Art Fair over Easter weekend, from 3 to 5 April 2021.

Visitors will find affordable, exciting, and diverse pieces by a dozen local artists ready to acquire. To officially open the exhibition and celebrate the participating artists, Creative Bay of Plenty have joined forces with Back Studio.

The word vernissage, meaning “varnishing,” has its roots in the 19th century practice of setting aside a day before an exhibition’s opening for artists to varnish and add finishing touches to their paintings. English speakers originally referred to this day of finishing touches simply as “varnishing day,” but in the 20th century, gallerists also began using the French term vernissage.

Today, many of the world’s great art fairs—like Art Basel, Melbourne Art Fair, and even Auckland Art Fair—use the term for the opening reception.

It’s an opportunity for collectors and art lovers to see the freshest art, connect with the creators, and take a special place in the gallery world.

Back Studio Art Fair

The Art Fair will be featuring new art by New Zealand artists Ulemj Glamuzina, Paul Darragh, Marlene Shores, David Poole, Sue MacDougall, Carol Bisset, Lynette Fisher, Pam Painter, Siobain Wickham, Ninette Kruger, Tracy Brechett, and Jacki Barklie

A video of some of the artworks that will be available at Back Studio’s Art Fair

Introducing the artists who will be exhibiting at Back Studio Art Fair Vernisagge:

1) Creative director and resident artist at Back Studio – Jacki Barklie

Back Studio Creative Director and Resident Artist, Jacki Barklie

Jacki is a multi-disciplinary artist working across a range of mediums including acrylics, printmaking, papier collie, textile design and photography.

Jacki’s curiosity is expressed in her exploration of materials and methods, often indoctrinated and spontaneous. Jacki’s diverse works express the tensions between idea and image, emotion and decorative pleasure. Jacki’s attention to aesthetics is an attempt to activate the viewers’ senses and emotion – where form meets function

Jacki likes to take risks during her exploration when creating art, celebrating the unusual. She has a curiosity in experimenting with mixed media, endeavouring to push the process further – an innovative practice…

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2) Acrylic, Encaustic and Cold wax artist, Sue Mac Dougall

Sue is recognized for her bold and colourful work in different mediums that create structure, depth, movement and texture. Nothing excites her more than taking up her brushes and directing her energy into every stroke.

This is the slow progress of building up the image, which absorbs her completely. As an artist, her temperament is the motivating factor that gives form to her passion. Many viewers are easily captivated by and respond to the feelings inherent in the paintings.

Light is an important factor when using colours. This is why living by the sea either in New Zealand or in Greece on the island of Aegina, which is famous for the luminosity and clarity of its light, is an ideal place for a painter like Sue. The rugged natural landscape and beautiful, constantly changing New Zealand Coastline or Saronic Sea never fault to inspire her.

The colours of a painting can be calming or stimulating and can complement all types of décor – and this, according to people who own her paintings, makes it so easy to find attractive works among Sue’s collection for all settings. Sue’s main influences come from the Blue Rider Group, the originators of abstract expressionism in prismatic colours and which included artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Gabrielle Munter.

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3) Sculptor and Installation Artist, Carol Bisset

A Sculptor and Installation artist formerly based in Auckland and Brisbane now residing in Tauranga, Carol is a resident artist at the Incubator Creative Hub.

Carol has a long history of working in Art Education at various levels including high schools, adult tertiary level programmes in the Visual Arts (M.I.T. Auckland) and Community Education courses Auckland including privately run programmes in Brisbane in which students have been prepared for entry to tertiary studies..

Carol’s work addresses issues concerning memory, belonging and loss through contemporary materials and processes. Her work is personal, at times uncomfortably intimate and private, nevertheless inclusive as it speaks of the common concerns that we have in relation to our sense of connectedness with people and places in our everyday lives.

She has been involved in numerous private and publically run workshop initiatives in NZ and overseas. An enthusiastic member of a range of funding and promotional groups in the Bay of Plenty and overseas Carol has a strong interest in community involvement and mentoring in the arts.

Alongside her teaching career, Carol has exhibited extensively in New Zealand and Australia. In 2019, she was selected as a finalist in the Parkin Drawing Prize.

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4) Pewter and Metal Embossing Artist, Ninette Kruger

Pewter and Metal Embossong artist, Ninette Kruger

New Zealand-based pewter artist, Ninette Kruger creates one-of-a-kind, hand-embossed metal artworks from her studio in Tauranga.

She specializes in creating bespoke native New Zealand bird metal artworks in her collaborations with New Zealand artists.

Exquisitely crafted and unique , these pieces are created from the finest materials, using ancient hand-embossing techniques .

Ninette transforms metal sheets into intricate and distinctive one-of-a-kind art and décor pieces for luxury New Zealand homes, commercial spaces, boutique hotels and lodges.

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5) Abstract Artist, Paul Darragh

Abstract artist, Paul Darragh

Paul is an independent artist based in Mt. Maunganui. He exhibits locally, nationally and internationally and has established a full-time arts practice since 2017.

Darragh creates abstract, bold and very graphic paintings. He is interested in the manipulation of depth using flat colour and pattern. He has a dynamic sense of colour which is used to create optical vibration within the compositions.

A sense of commercialism is inherent in the work, and he makes reference to digital and traditional advertising through the use of airbrush and house paint respectively. Preliminary drawings for paintings are created digitally and this sensibility remains core to the work.

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6) Visual Artist Ulemj Glamuzina

Ulemj is a Mongolian born visual artist, based in Tauranga. She creates works that bring to the surface memories and emotions, evoked by different people and experiences.

Her work is closely connected to the themes of belonging, acceptance, and communication. Through her work, she expresses her feelings, and strive to connect and evoke a response in the imagination of the viewer. This goes beyond what is happening at the surface (real or imagined).

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7) Multi-disciplinary artist Lynette Fisher

Tauranga artist Lynette Fisher
Tauranga artist, Lynette Fisher

Lynette Fisher’s dark emotional work describes childhood scenes with concepts investigating the hierarchies and societal behaviours constructed on the playground.

A fine balance between drawing and painting, the dry-brush and wax pencil works on canvas recall an era of blackboards and schoolhouse slates. If colour is used it is subtle and sparse, evoking near-remembered fragments of memory and dreams. There is an underlying sense of nostalgia and tension between past and present where space, time and identity are separated.

Elements of existing imagery are taken and recontextualised – citing contemporary themes of adoption, ownership, guardianship and appropriation. Elements of existing imagery are taken and re-placed in awkward, misplaced and re-imagined worlds.

The figures are often shown firmly disengaged with the viewer from their imagined worlds, with the access point quietly waiting to be discovered – their narratives investigated and repackaged with a questioning lens on modern society.

Lynette Fisher is a full-time creative practitioner working from her studio in Te Puna, Tauranga. Her art practice ranges from printmaking, drawing, assemblage and painting, all of which have featured in solo and group shows around New Zealand.

She has won several art awards including the Venetta Miles Emerging Artist Award and the Ethel McMillan award and has been a finalist in the Molly Morpeth Award, the Adam Portrait Award and the Parkin Drawing Prize. Her work has been selected for exhibition at the Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville and the Calder Lawson Gallery, Hamilton. Her work ‘Me Too (2018)’ is held in the Rotorua Museum Public collection.

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8) Artist Siobain Wickham

Artist Siobain Wickham

Siobain is a part-time artist who has a love for a person’s ability to see the beauty, the interpretation and the innocence of genuine artistic creativity.

This interpretation of what already exists in one’s imagination is her take on what art with integrity is and she strives to access that level of self-expression.

This, for her, comes only when a place within oneself is filled with respect for what exists already. Siobain’s art attempts to communicate her love for the created world and its author.

9) Three-Dimensional Artist David Poole

New Zealand Artist David Poole

David Poole, innovative two and three-dimensional artist with a unique and dynamic approach to art. His perspective and approach creates energy and interest and a focal point in your home.

10) Artist Pamela Painter

Tauranga artist Pamela Painter
Tauranga Artist Pamela Painter

Pam began experimenting with paint and brushes some years ago recreating places she had visited both here and abroad. Inspired by the bold lines of childhood colouring books each creation has evolved with it’s own personality and quirk.

She adores glorious colour, wacky lines and distortion. Her time at the easel is her happy place.

Texture often provides an unexpected flaw in pattern and shape. Samantha, Katrina and Gretchin have been created with simplicity in mind. Their bold acrylic colours on a rough surface reflect individual personality. This is a complete change in genre for Pam

Painting by artist Pamela Painter
Artwork by Tauranga artist, Pamela Painter

11) Marlene Shores

Artist Marlene Shores
Artist Marlene Shores

Marlene has always had a keen interest in carving and experimented with different mediums until discovering the unique and interesting form of gourds in 2019.

Each gourd is grown in its own organic shape. From planting the seed, to harvest, and then the process of drying is a year-long journey. Then the fun begins by using her carving skills, indentation and colour to create one-of-a-kind creations.

Marlene started her drawing journey in May 2020 whilst practising techniques for her gourds. By chance, as pen met paper, it took on a life of its own…

With a twist of fate, each stroke of pen, dine lines came together, patterns flowed and she called it “Inzentation”

Each piece has hidden images within, that only the viewer can draw out with their own unique inner imagination. Discover what you can see:

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