Collaboration with New Zealand Artist, Bex Allen

Embossing New Zealand Artists’s Design in metal

I recently started collaborating with New Zealand artists, recreating their original designs into hand-embossed metal artworks.

I met Bex online in the “New Zealand Made Products” Facebook page, and loved her designs.

Bex graciously agreed to collaborate with me and we decided that we would use her “Beautiful Thoughts” design for this project.

New Zealand Zentangle Artist, Bex Allen

In her own words, Bex is a Transformation Coach, wife, mother, creator and a real deal cat lady.

She’s a kiwi gal enjoying a quiet country lifestyle, with a wonderland of nature at her fingertips. She loves all things to do with beach adventures, swimming in rivers and walking in nature. And her creative streak thrives on drawing, sewing, painting and all things crafty.

For more information, please visit Bex’s “About Me” page on her website here.

Beautiful Thoughts

Beautiful Thoughts Zentangle by Bex Allen

Bex began zentangle drawing as a mindfulness activity a few years ago and it has become one of her creative outlets. Her inspiration is connected to her healing journey and often comes to her during meditation.

The design we chose for our collaboration is called Beautiful Thoughts, and it’s a true reflection of the transformation Bex has experienced in her mental health over the past year

Embossing Bex’s Design in Copper-plated Aluminium

When creating a new design in metal, I start by transferring the image onto metal:

Design transferred onto metal sheet

The next step is to start working the design out with the key metal embossing techniques, called low relief, high relief and engraving

How I created Bex’s Beautiful Thoughts design in metal

Please click to watch our interview about what inspires Bex’s art.

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