Fantail’s Lace: Metal Embossed Art Collaboration with New Zealand artist, Anna Mollekin

“Fantail’s Lace”: No 2 in our “Lace” collaboration series

I met New Zealand contemporary artist, Anna Mollekin on a Facebook group we both belong to, called Chooice. Formerly known as “New Zealand Made Products”, this is a page showcasing original handcraft, made locally in New Zealand.

I fell in love with Anna’s gorgeous native fauna and flora designs and reached to her to propose an art collaboration. The rest, as they say, is history…

We completed our first collaboration artwork, called “Homegrown Lace” in July 2020, and promptly decided that we’re having so much fun working together, we’ll do a few more!

For more information on our first project, you can read a bit more on the inspiration behind Anna’s Art and see an interview I did with her in this blog post

Behind the scenes look at how I turned “Fantail’s Lace” into a hand-embossed metal artwork

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of embossing Anna’s “Fantail’s Lace” design! I hope you enjoy the glimpse behind the scenes:

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