Interview with Esme Gloster from Esmeric Art – Mixed Media and Pewter Art

I had the great pleasure to interview Esme Gloster, a founding member of the Love Metal Membership Club and owner of Esmeric Art – Mixed Media and Pewter Art .

A little about Esme

Ever since she could remember, Esme has always loved creating.

She will always treasure the smiles she got when family and friends opened their gifts or greeting cards that she created.

Esme’s journey

‚ÄčLife took her on a journey from South Africa, where she was teaching pottery at a local college, to Canada where she was not able to pursue her love for pottery.

Fortunately, she was introduced to Pewter Art, which was a perfect fit for her mixed media art. She studied with two of the best instructors to become a certified Pewter/Metal Embossing instructor. 

Another journey brought her to the point where she is now able to pursue her passion for creating and teaching full time.

‚ÄčCreating and teaching

Esme loves creating custom pewter art pieces as well as mixed media artwork.

Where possible, she tries to incorporate pewter or metal embossing as another layer on her mixed media artwork. 

Elevating everyday items into something extraordinary by adding pewter makes her incredibly happy. 

Interview with Esme

Please join me and Esme for a chat about our favourite passion…Pewter! Join our interview below.

Pictures of Esme’s Work

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