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Interview With Pewter Artist And Metal Embossing Pioneer, Magdalena Muldoon

Interview with Pewter Artist by Ninette Kruger from the Metal Embossing Academy

Introducing Magdalena

Pewter artist and metal embossing pioneer Magdalena Muldoon grew up in Mexico City, Mexico, where her mother (also Magdalena) started Mercart Mexico in 1970.

Magdalena grew up being exposed to lots of different crafts under the guidance of her mother and had the privilege to be influenced by 15 other metal embossing teachers, each imparting their own style and influence.

Magdalena moved to Dallas, Texas with her family in 2002, and founded Mercart USA, which specialises in supplying top quality pewter, metal embossing products and metal embossing tools to pewter artists all over the world.

Embossed Metal Art by Magdalena Muldoon

Ninette Kruger from the Metal Embossing Academy’s Live interview with Magdalena Muldoon

It was my great pleasure and honour to host Magdalena for an interview, and we discussed her favourite metal, favourite tools, best advice for beginners, and more!

You can check it out here:

Interview with metal embossing pioneer and artist, Magdalena Muldoon from Mercart

When Magdalena is not busy with pewter or metal art, she also enjoys painting and zentangles (which look great on metal by the way!)

She is a night-owl, loves coffee and has 3 dogs.

Where to get in touch with Magdalena

You can get hold of Magdalena on Facebook.

You can also visit her blog and learn more about metal embossing at

For direct questions and more information on tools and pewter supplies, please contact Magdalena at

The Metal Embossing Workshop Book

This wonderful book was published by Magdalena Muldoon in 2008.

It’s simple to create intricate designs on metal—and impart lustre, radiance, and dimension—with the centuries-old art of embossing. This in-depth workshop explains it all: tracing and transferring patterns, cutting designs from the metal and attaching them to a surface, filling in, adding colour and patina, finishing and varnishing, and texturizing.

Novices will find out how to use a wide variety of tools and products and follow a project being made from start to finish through close-up images. An entire photographic section showcases a range of embossing designs, with their richly diverse textures. The projects—all with full-size patterns—include frames and framed designs, boxes, clocks, glass items (vases, decanters), and jewellery.

Get your copy here:

Metal Embossing Workshop Book by Magdalena Muldoon

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