A sample block of the different techniques used in metal embossing.

Love Metal Metal Embossing Membership Club

Metal Embossing art projects
Metal Embossing art projects

Pewter and Metal Embossing Artists – FIND YOUR TRIBE! 

The Love Metal Membership Club is a community of passionate pewter and metal embossing artists from all around the world

Create & Connect

Calling all pewter artists, Craft Lovers, Makers, Mixed Media and Metal Art Enthusiasts around the world…

Always wanted to learn how to do pewter art?

Fascinated by Metal Embossing?

Eager to learn how to incorporate metal art into your mixed media projects, art journals, or scrapbooking pages?

Now is your chance!

Love Metal Membership Club just launched!

You too can learn the ancient art of metal embossing, along with fellow makers, in our brand new community of metal enthusiasts!

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A sample block of the different techniques used in metal embossing.
Metal Embossing technique block

Join us today and learn how to work with pewter, copper, aluminium and coloured metal sheets, in easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorials.

What is included in the Membership Club?

In order to serve you at the highest possible level, I have made both my Metal Embossing Made EASY course, and the Metal Tape Craft Course available in my Metal Embossing Membership Vault

In the current economic climate and Covid-19 crisis, I feel that I can provide you with the most meaningful content and financial value in this way.  Get instant access to the following:

1) Metal Embossing Made EASY course ($97 value) :

A sample block of the different techniques used in metal embossing.
Metal Embossing technique block

Comprehensive beginner course that teaches the key metal embossing techniques of low relief, high relief, engraving and working with stencils.

At the end of this course, you will know how to work with pewter, aluminium and colour-coated metal sheets. You will also learn how to transfer any design of your choice to metal, how to interpret the design, how to combine techniques, and so much more!

Get immediate full access to the course, and work through it in your own time, with the support of our private Facebook community.

Here is what one of our community members, Louisa Grutzmacher had to say about the course:

2) Metal Tape Craft Course ($49value): 

Learn how to transform everyday objects with metal tape. Step by step video class teaching key metal tape techniques.

These can be used to transform notebooks, tins, 3-dimensional objects and much more!

Get immediate, full access to the Metal Tape Notebook course, and work through it in your own time.

3) Ongoing monthly support from our amazing community of metal enthusiasts: 

Our community is the most incredible part of this offer! Be inspired and encouraged by like-minded people.

Build new friendships with metal art lovers from across the globe. Learn from industry experts, be inspired by those who are a little ahead of you on the journey, and encourage those behind you.

We currently have members from New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, The USA, UK, Venezuela, Peru, Portugal, Sarajevo, Switzerland, Puerto Rico and more! In this diverse community, there is never a shortage of creative ideas…

We willingly share our knowledge and help each other thrive and grow in our craft.

This is truly, a NO-JUDGEMENT ZONE, a place where you can be yourself and embrace your unique creativity

See what some of our community members have to say:

4) Free access to designs, resources, product recommendations, and ongoing metal embossing education :

As part of our membership program, you will have access to bonus resources, free designs, pattern downloads, mini tutorials, Q & A sessions, interviews with metal embossing experts, product recommendation, special offers and so much more!

5) Access to Blog posts and YouTube videos as soon as they are published: 

Be the first to lay your eyes on new content on the blog and YouTube and stay at the top of your game!

6) Get bonus member discounts on classes and new courses from metal tutors across the globe!

Sign up here

Learn along with other complete beginners, while having access to world-class pewter and metal artists

Join Elitia Hart from Elitia Hart Pewter Art, Justyna Granicka from Jagged Alchemy, Esme Gloster from Esmeric Art-Mixed Media & Pewter Art and, Ninette Kruger from the Metal Embossing Academy, along with other passionate pewter artists and become part of our exclusive LOVE Metal Membership Club today!

Your chance to connect with like-minded people from all around the globe, who love to create, connect and collaborate.

Our metal embossing community is a place to hang out with like-minded people, form friendships and build connections with other metal enthusiasts.

It’s a place where you can just be yourself and embrace your unique creativity.

It’s a place to grow your own embossing skills while being inspired by others. It’s a community where metal embossing artists, tutors and students from all around the globe come together.

It’s a place of kindness, compassion and encouragement – a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE…

Some of the people you’ll meet inside the club…

Meet Ninette Kruger, Founder of the Love Metal Membership Club and owner of Ninette Kruger Metal Embossing Academy (New Zealand)

Elitia Hart – Elitia Hart Pewter Art (Canada)

Magdalena Muldoon – Mercart (Texas, USA)

Esme Gloster from Esmeric Art – Mixed Media and Pewter Art (Canada)

Justyna Granicka from Jagged Alchemy

and many more..!

Don’t delay!

Make use of our very limited time offer now!


Learn from the best in the industry! This is a community where we willingly share our collective knowledge and skills and help each other thrive in our craft.

2 thoughts on “Love Metal Metal Embossing Membership Club”

  1. Hi I’m new to this but I would love to learn more about the metal tape craft course & what I need to partake in the course & do you provide the metal tape? thanks for the wonderful opportunity I’d like to partake in the other metal work course but funds are not too great atm so metal tape work I definitely can do please let me know what I do to partake in this wonderful opportunity

  2. Hi Marama, so lovely to hear from you! Both my Comprehensive Metal Embossing Made EASY course ($125 value) and the Metal Tape Craft Course are currently to you available immediately if you join our Love Metal Membership Club, currently for only $7 per month!

    Since I am based in New Zealand and most of the group members are based all over the world, I do not supply the materials, as shipping would be too expensive.

    To get started, you need a some aluminium sheet (36 gauge), available from most craft stores or from my shop at https://nkmetalembossing.kartra.com/page/Shop. You’ll need an embossing tool (a simple skewer stick could do the trick), black craft paint, and beeswax for a filler.

    If you sign up for our freebie above, you’ll get the steps of how to do embossing in our Basic Techniques PDF, as well as our Basic Supplies PDF.

    Please let me know if you have any questions

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