Metal Art Portrait – A collaboration between New Zealand artists Ninette Kruger and Anna Mollekin

Now available for purchase from The Art Lounge

“Feel The Fear” – Metal art portrait raises awareness and funds for the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation

‘Feel the fear’ (November 2020, 1/1) is a complete original, one of a kind embossed metal artwork, handcrafted in New Zealand.

This piece is a collaboration between Anna Mollekin (Auckland Contemporary Artist) and @ninettekrugermetalart  (Tauranga Metal Embossing artist).

Anna drew her floral self-portrait digitally in her signature lines and patterns style. Ninette then skillfully hand-embossed it into metal before beautifully painting it.⁣

This artwork was created for the “Florals & Flutters“ Art exhibition to raise funds for the @mhfnz , the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

The Inspiration behind “Feel the Fear”

Anna shares her inspiration behind this floral self-portrait: “For so long I have struggled with anxiety… I didn’t even realise how bad and crippling it had gotten until I finally sought help for it and started to get better.”

” I now know I don’t have to struggle and try to hide it and fight it alone in silence. Additionally, I have seen so many loved ones struggle with their Mental Health too and sadly too many have succumbed to it. This all makes the Mental Health Foundation in New Zealand close to my heart.⁣”

The meaning of the symbolism in this metal artwork:

The plait is symbolic for strength, connectivity and weaving together of the tapestry of life.

Anna says, “I have a smile on my face as I always work hard on keeping positive and trying to hide my inner struggles with anxiety.”

I’m swallowed and engulfed by beautiful flowers as it’s a mask of happiness and positivity I like to reflect to the world.

The bee symbolises my fear of being stung or bad things happening. This is juxtaposed with the Bee’s crucial role in nature to pollinate to make things grow and bloom. This metaphorically states that without conquering fear, you cannot grow and bloom. ⁣

10% of artist proceeds (excluding gallery commission) of the sale of this artwork will go to the Mental Health Foundation in New Zealand.⁣

How Ninette created “Feel the Fear” – metal portrait

Embossed metal artwork, “Feel the Fear” by New Zealand artist, Ninette Kruger

Close-up detail

Help us raise awareness and funds for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

Ninette and Anna are donating 10% of the sale price of this artwork (excluding gallery commission) to the Mental Health Foundation

You can also support them by visiting

Feel the fear original metal artwork – now available for purchase

This exclusive metal artwork is now available for purchase from The Art Lounge gallery

For more information, please follow Ninette Kruger Metal Art at

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