Embossed metal and pewter art classes

Metal Embossing and Pewter Art Online Courses

Step-by-step pewter art and metal embossing tutorials for complete beginners

At the Metal Embossing Academy, we teach art and craft lovers the ancient skill of hand-embossing metal and pewter in our easy step-by-step online tutorials.

We use 0.3-0.5mm thick metal sheets such as aluminium, pewter or copper for our embossed metal art projects. In the USA, these sheets are sold as 36 0r 38 gauge.

Metal Embossing Art Process

In this video, you can see how pewter and metal sheets are embossed by hand to bring the designs to life

Online pewter art and metal embossing art lessons for all skill abilities

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If you’re interested in learning more about our upcoming live pewter art and metal embossing classes, please visit https://nkmetalembossing.kartra.com/page/LivePewterMetalEmbossingClasses

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