Interview with Pewter artist and tutor Elitia Hart

I had the great honour and pleasure to interview pewter artist and metal embossing tutor Elitia Hart recently.

Elitia is the renowned pewter artist behind Elitia Hart Pewter Art and someone I have looked up to for a long time, and whom I have learned a lot from over the past few years as a metal embossing artist.

She is a great pewter art teacher and generously shares her knowledge and skill in the classes she presents as well as in her online tutorials.

Pewter artist and tutor Elitia Hart
Elitia Hart

Pewter artist and Tutor Elitia Hart – Love Metal Membership Club Founding Member

Elitia was born in South Africa but currently lives in Canada. When she is not busy creating pewter art, she can be found gardening, reading, travelling or motorbiking with her husband (as a passenger).

She is a passionate mixed media explorer and loves combining pewter with other art forms. She encourages people new to pewter art to keep practicing, exploring and experimenting.

Herewith some of her artworks:

Metal Embossing Interview with pewter artist, Elitia Hart

We had a lovely conversation about all things pewter, which you can watch here:

Interview with Elitia Hart

To learn more about Elitia and her art, you can follow her on Instagram @metalartchick, or visit her blog at

To learn more from Elitia and our other talented metal embossing artists, please visit our Love Metal Membership Club page here or visit our blog post on the club here.

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