Kiwi Bird Metal Wall Art

Art for a Cause: Raising funds to help save the Coromandel Brown Kiwi

Tauranga Pewter Artist, Ninette Kruger and Auckland-based NZ Contemporary artist, Anna Mollekin collaborated to create this pewter Kiwi artwork for “Save the Kiwi” month, during October 2020.

Ninette translated Anna’s Kiwi drawing into metal by hand-embossing the design as a 3-Dimensional Pewter Artwork

10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Moehau Environment Group, a Kiwi Sanctuary in the Coromandel, close to Port Charles, where artist Anna enjoys to draw

Metal NZ Kiwi Bird Artwork
Pewter Kiwi artwork by Ninette Kruger now available from Ninette’s Shop
Art for A Cause to Help save the Coromandel Brown Kiwi
Help us save the Coromandel Brown Kiwi
10% of the proceeds of the Pewter Kiwi Artwork will be donated to the Moehau Environment Group

One of a kind pewter NZ Kiwi Bird Metal Wall Art

NZ Made Metal Bird Art: New Zealand Pewter Kiwi Bird Wall Art, hand-embossed by Tauranga-based metal artist, Ninette Kruger Kiwi’s Lace artwork by Ninette Kruger

NZ Made Metal Kiwi Artwork – An art collaboration between New Zealand artists Ninette Kruger & Anna Mollekin

Tauranga-based Metal Embossing and Pewter artist, Ninette Kruger, specialises in creating bespoke Pewter & Metal Art for luxury homes. She translated New Zealand contemporary artist, Anna Mollekin’s drawing, called Kiwi’s Lace in a 3-D, hand-embossed pewter artwork.

Luxury, one-of-a-kind, original New Zealand metal bird artworks for interior decor.

How Kiwi’s Lace was hand-embossed in pewter

New Zealand Made Metal Kiwi Bird Wall Art for interior decor

Contemporary artist, Anna Mollekin’s love of New Zealand inspired this unique Kiwi bird metal artwork.

“I wanted to celebrate our country and its beautiful flora and fauna. New Zealand is the fabric of my being”, says Anna.

The lace also reflects the delicate and intertwined connection between the native New Zealand birds and it’s habitat.

This New Zealand contemporary artwork depicts a stylised Kiwi bird amongst beautiful flora.

NZ artist Anna Mollekin drawing her "Kiwi's Lace" design
Anna Mollekin drawing “Kiwi’s Lace”

A look at how NZ metal embossing artist, Ninette Kruger, created this pewter Kiwi Bird artwork

Behind the scenes video of how Kiwi’s Lace was created in pewter

This piece was recently showed at the Florals & Flutters Art Exhibition for Mental Health Awareness

NZ Pewter & Metal Embossing Artist Ninette Kruger with some of her art
Metal Embossing Artist Ninette Kruger with ‘Kiwi’s Lace’ Collaboration artwork at the “Florals & Flutters” Art Exhibition to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

Luxury, one-of-a-kind NZ Made metal artworks for luxury New Zealand Lodges and interior decor

The significance of Kiwi’s Lace to pewter artist, Ninette Kruger

I really enjoyed embossing ‘Kiwi’s Lace’. Firstly, this art collaboration was decided on during October, which is “Save the Kiwi” month. 

This beautiful drawing by Anna reminded me of how uniquely each of us is created, and how important each piece of creation is, and how specifically it was designed to fit within a greater purpose.

It reminded me of the delicate balance between Kiwi’s and their indigenous habitat, and how vulnerable they are with predators. 

This piece is also a celebration piece to me, my biggest embossing project to date, and such a wonderful statement piece with its copper highlights. 

I was filled with gratitude and wonder at the beautiful friendship that I formed with Anna (whom I haven’t met in person yet), just because both of us were willing to take a chance on collaborating. We have learned so much from each other and on this journey, and that is something I am deeply grateful for. 

Kiwi’s Lace Close-up

Artwork information:

‘Kiwi’s Lace’ was embossed on pewter sheet. The copper highlights were achieved by adding copper patina, which reacts to the copper content in pewter and turns the pewter a beautiful copper colour.

This piece measure 50x50cm and took 27.5 hours to emboss and patina.

Pewter does tarnish and darken over time, which adds to the character of the piece. This is a natural process that occurs as the metal reacts to natural elements such as humidity and oxidation. 

The piece can be polished up with metal polish to restore its original shine. 

The timeless and bespoke ‘Kiwi’s Lace’ Pewter Artwork is now available

‘Kiwi’s Lace’ has been handcrafted to the highest quality standards. The art collector of this set will receive a certificate of authenticity signed by both Ninette Kruger and Anna Mollekin giving you the peace of mind that this is truly a limited edition collector’s artworks.

There’s only one of these available, so if you’re serious about collecting art and collecting precious wall art NZ themed, that is one-of-a-kind and timeless, now’s your chance. This exclusive NZ artwork is now available for purchase from Ninette’s Shop

New Zealand pewter artist, Ninette Kruger with some her artworks that are currently available for purchase through The Art Lounge art gallery
Ninette’s pewter artworks, currently available for sale from Ninette’s Shop

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