Bust transformed with metal tape techniques

Metal Tape Art Ideas for complete beginners

Metal Tape Art – How to transform everyday household items in a few easy steps

Metal tape art ideas for complete beginners!

Working with metal tape is one of my absolute favourite past times! It is very affordable, readily available from most hardware stores and offers endless creative possibilities.

It is a great activity for kids and adults alike. I am always blown away by what the kiddos create with this medium, and it keeps them busy for hours on end!

What is Metal Tape?

The metal tape that we use for this craft, is a self-adhesive aluminium tape, found in most local hardware stores, or from our shop.

Aluminium tape is normally used for shielding and insulation, and it provides an excellent barrier to vapour and conforms to irregular surfaces. This makes it perfect for applying it to paper mache moulds, gift boxes, tins, cards and more!

Metal tape for metal tape art
Metal Tape (Available from our shop )

Some Metal Tape Art Inspiration…

Here at the Metal Embossing Academy , our students love working with metal tape! It is a quick way to give everyday household items a new life with a brand new metal transformation. Herewith some metal tape art ideas:

1) Metal Tape Notebooks

2) Creative Metal Tape Plaques done in our kids classes

3) Metal Tape Gift Boxes

Metal Tape art ideas for gift boxes

4) Other fun ways to use metal tape in your upcycling craft projects

Bust transformed with metal tape techniques

Learn how to create your own metal tape masterpieces in a few easy steps

My 9-year old son and I took full advantage of the Covid-19 Lockdown time together, and used our first rainy day to upcycle a paper mache deer head, that has been lying in my studio for ages!

We decided to record our process and we’d love to share the step-by-step video with you here, so you can learn how to do this yourself.

Metal Tape Deer FREEBIE

Please click here for your FREE Metal Tape Tutorial


Learn how to create a metal tape deer here

Metal Tape Notebook Online Class

I created a step-by-step online class demonstrating how to use other techniques and scrapbook embellishments to create a notebook with metal tape.

Upon completion of this class, you will be able to transform your own notebooks, gift boxes, tins, paper mache objects, and much more!

You can find all the supplies you need for this craft in the Metal Tape Supplies section of our shop.

We’d love to welcome into our private Facebook group upon joining, and sharing lots of ideas and tutorials with you.

Hope to see you on the inside!

I love questions and comments, so please leave them below. Until next time!

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