Anna Mollekin's Homegrown Lace design embossed in metal by Ninette Kruger

New Zealand Metal Bird Art Collector’s Set by Pewter Artist, Ninette Kruger

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New Zealand Metal Bird Art Collector's Set
New Zealand Metal Bird Art Collector’s Set

Art collaboration between New Zealand artists Ninette Kruger & Anna Mollekin

Tauranga pewter artist, Ninette Kruger says: “I had the great pleasure to collaborate with New Zealand Artist, Anna Mollekin recently, by transforming her art into a 3-D, hand-embossed metal artwork.

I spotted Anna’s gorgeous designs on a local Facebook page, and instantly fell in love with her style and how she incorporates native New Zealand fauna and flora in her work.

I reached out to Anna and she graciously agreed for me to use her design “Homegrown Lace” for our art collaboration. “

About Anna Mollekin

New Zealand artist, Anna Mollekin from Anna Mollekin Art

“Art is an escape for me from the hustle of everyday life. I create because it makes feel whole and it is my passion.”

Anna Mollekin, New Zealand contemporary artist.

Born in Thames, New Zealand, Anna studied a Bachelor of Media Arts in Hamilton. She now lives near the beach in Auckland, New Zealand with her family. After being a graphic designer for 18 years, she is now following her passion of working as a full-time artist.

Her journey as an artist has been both revitalised and influenced by her trips abroad to places like India and her year sabbatical living in China in 2015. From the use of bright colours to patterns, the inspiration is evident in her work. 

I am a contemporary New Zealand artist working both in ink pen and digital mediums. I am a proud Kiwi and am inspired by our beautiful country, exploring themes of New Zealand, and it’s flora and fauna.

Anna’s “Homegrown Lace” Design transformed into a hand-embossed metal artwork

It all started in Port Charles…Anna’s Happy Place

Artist Anna Mollekin drawing her distinct lines and patterns
The start of Homegrown Lace

This is a behind-the-scenes look of Anna drawing her ‘Home Grown Lace’ artwork at Port Charles in the stunning Coromandel Peninsula one Christmas. It is most definitely one of her favourite places in the whole world to draw.

Turning “Homegrown Lace” into a metal artwork

Turning any design into a metal artwork starts by transferring the design onto metal. The design is then slowly worked out by hand, raising different parts of the design to different levels to bring it to life and transform it into a 3-dimensional artwork.

Take a look at how I embossed Anna’s Design — Behind-the-scenes look at the process

Turning “Homegrown Lace” into a metal artwork

Watch my interview with Anna Mollekin here:

For more information on Anna Mollekin’s Art, please visit or email her at

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  1. I am using this as art for my 5th graders to look at and discuss in my art class. I was wondering what year these were created. We are doing a similar project based on Polynesian culture because our drama department is performing Moana Jr. this year.

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