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Metal Embossing Artist Ninette Kruger and NZ Contemporary artist Anna Mollekin’s metal bird art collaboration raises funds to help save the Coromandel Brown Kiwi

Art for a Cause: Helping to save the Coromandel Brown Kiwi

New Zealand artists Anna Mollekin and Ninette Kruger collaborate to support the Moehau Environment Group

In July 2020, an art collaboration was formed between New Zealand contemporary artist, Anna Mollekin and Tauranga-based metal embossing artist, Ninette Kruger.

Ninette reached out to Anna after seeing her beautiful drawings on a Facebook group and they decided to recreate a series of Anna’s original “Lace” drawings as 3-D metal artworks.

The exclusive “Lace-Series” metal art collaboration set is now available for purchase from The Lawnmower’s Son Art Gallery in Hahei, New Zealand.

Metal Art Triptych to help save the Coromandel Brown Kiwi
Help save the Brown Kiwi

Artists Ninette Kruger & Anna Mollekin’s Shared Passion for Conservation

Both Anna and Ninette are passionate about conservation and using their art to positively impact the world and making a difference where they can.

They decided to donate a percentage of the sales of these artworks to the Moehau Environment Group, a Kiwi sanctuary based close to Port Charles, which is Anna’s favourite place to draw.

Please click on the video for more information on this collector’s metal art set and behind the scenes videos of how they were created:


Port Charles, Coromandel: Anna’s favourite place to draw

This is a “behind-the-scenes” of Anna drawing her ‘Home Grown’ artwork at Port Charles in the stunning Coromandel Peninsula one Christmas. ⁠⠀⁣

She drew it in her favourite drawing spot, sitting on the rocks under the pohutukawa tree looking out across the bay to Mount Moehau.

You have to watch the tide there so you don’t get stuck!

This gorgeous spot is located in Port Charles, in the beautiful Coromandel, New Zealand, which is also home to the Moehau Environment Group and Kiwi Sanctuary.

Moehau Environment Group Kiwi Sanctuary

“The northern Coromandel is home to the largest predator controlled Kiwi habitat on the New Zealand mainland. It consists of almost 30,000 hectares of stoat trapping from Port Jackson to Kennedy Bay.

The Kiwi Sanctuary protects kiwi on land immediately to the south of the Department of Conservation-managed Moehau Kiwi Sanctuary, substantially extending the area protected against stoats.

Helping protect kiwi to the south-east is the Harataunga Kiwi Project, an iwi led initiative that Moehau Environment Group helped start.

The Kiwi Sanctuary has 920 traps spread over 10,400 hectares. Since establishment in 2005, they have caught over 1984 stoats, 872 weasels, 14,568 rats, 329 hedgehogs and 36 feral cats, making a huge difference to the breeding success of resident Kiwi.

Traps are baited with donated eggs or salted rabbit meat and are currently checked 12 times a year.

In 2005, at the beginning of this project, a kiwi survey recorded 70 kiwis within the Sanctuary area. In 2015 a repeated survey found that kiwi had increased by 36%.”

Information & Kiwi photos credited to Moehau Environmental Group

Help artists Anna Mollekin and Ninette Kruger save the Coromandel Brown Kiwi


Metal Embossing Artist, Ninette Kruger

This exclusive, one-of-a-kind metal art Triptych includes the following pieces: Homegrown Lace, Fantail’s Lace, and Tui’s Lace

This series celebrates the unique diversity of New Zealand Fauna and Flora. The lace reflects the delicate and intertwined connection between the native New Zealand Birds and it’s habitat.

10% of the profit of this elegant Triptych will be donated to support the Moehau environmental group at Port Charles, where Anna enjoys creating her gorgeous artworks. Help us in our cause to support the Coromandel Brown Kiwi.

These aluminium metal artworks have been impeccably hand-embossed with skill and attention to detail by Ninette, making each piece unique and truly one-of-kind.  

Metal Embossing Artist, Ninette Kruger

Framed in elegant black to the highest quality standards, this collector’s art triptych will infuse your interior design spaces with contemporary style and elegance.

Frame size: 38.5 x38.5cm x3cm deep. The frame consists of exclusive Italian molding, paired with 100% cotton museum grade matt-board and Tru-Vue glass.

International Shipping Available.

A Certificate of Authenticity will be issued to the collector, along with behind-the-scenes footage and videos of how these artworks were made.

Please note that shipping will be an additional cost, and will be quoted based on your location and shipping preferences.

All artwork © Anna Mollekin & Ninette Kruger this artwork cannot be reproduced or copied without written permission from Anna Mollekin or Ninette Kruger. The purchase of this artwork does not transfer reproduction rights.

Want to join Anna and Ninette and help kiwi?

This exclusive metal art triptych is currently available from The Lawnmower’s Son Art Gallery in Hahei, New Zealand. Visit the Lawnmower’s Son at

You can also help the Moehau Environment Group here:

  • Sponsor a trap-for just $65 a year you can help us protect kiwi chicks from stoats
  • Get involvedjoin a Kiwi Care group or start some predator control at your place. Go here if you are interested in volunteering for us. We can also help anyone looking to buy their own traps.
  • Donate-all funds go towards protecting kiwi habitat on the Coromandel.
  • Control your dog-Dogs that roam kill kiwi. Get your dog trained to avoid kiwi.
  • Listen out for kiwi calls and let us know when you have heard them. You can hear what their calls sound like here

The Moehau Environment Group Kiwi Sanctuary is sponsored by Kiwis for Kiwi and the Ministry for the Environment. Traps are constructed by volunteers, with funding for trap materials coming from Waikato Regional Council

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