New Zealand Metal Bird Art: Pewter Kea

Bespoke NZ Pewter Kea bird art – Luxury, one-of-a-kind, original metal artwork for interior decor

NZ MADE: New Zealand metal bird art Pewter Kea – An Art Collaboration between Tauranga-based pewter artist, Ninette Kruger and NZ Contemporary artist, Totaea Rendell

New Zealand metal bird art pewter Kea bird
Pewter Kea by New Zealand pewter artist, Ninette Kruger, now available for purchase from Ninette’s Shop

Art for A Cause: Raising funds for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation

New Zealand pewter artist, Ninette Kruger, collaborated with NZ Contemporary artist Totaea Rendell and created the pewter Kea artwork to raise awareness and funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation.

This foundation is very close to Totaea’s heart as he lost loved ones due to the disease and we’re passionate about making a difference to breast cancer patients in our community.

Ninette translated Totaea’s original Kea drawing into a 3-dimensional pewter artwork by hand-embossing the design onto pewter sheet.

We are donating 10% of the proceeds of this artwork to the Breast Cancer Foundation of New Zealand

Pewter Kea Bird Art Collaboration between New Zealand Artists Ninette Kruger and Totaea Rendell

Tauranga-based metal embossing and pewter artist, Ninette Kruger recently saw Totaea’s work on a local Facebook page promoting New Zealand Made Products called Chooice.

She was instantly captivated by Totaea’s powerful Kea Design and knew it would look incredible if the detail could be brought to life in a 3-dimensional pewter artwork.

She reached out for a possible art collaboration and Totaea agreed for her to emboss his design in metal.

New Zealand Metal Kea Bird Wall art

Turning Totaea’s Kea Design into a 3-D, hand-embossed Pewter Artwork

Join me for a behind-the-scenes look at how I embossed Totaea’s Kea design on Pewter Sheet. The entire process took 17.5 hours to complete.

Behind-the-scenes look at how the pewter Kea was embossed by Ninette
New Zealand metal Kea bird wall art

About Totaea Rendell

Totaea Rendell is an Artist/Designer living in Papamoa Beach in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

Born in Auckland, raised in Wellington and studied at the Auckland Institue of Technology, Totaea has worked in the field of visual arts for over two decades between Aotearoa and the U.S.A.

Totaea brings a style that is characterised by bold, strong clean lines. Constantly exploring New Zealand and Maori cultural themes, Totaea has developed a thoughtful, highly creative, contemporary and at times humorous, range of products that speak to our unique “Kiwi-ness”.

Totaea is of Maori (Ngati Maru), Cook Island Maori, and English descent and enjoys bringing all of his passions; Art, Design, Culture and Travel together into his creative process.


New Zealand artist Ninette Kruger with her hand-embossed Pewter Kea artwork
Pewter Artist, Ninette Kruger with the Pewter Kea Artwork

Ninette’s Interview with Totaea

Join our conversation and learn more about the inspiration behind Totaea’s art and what fuels his creativity:

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