Tui's Lace

Metal Tui Bird Wall Art: Tui’s Lace

New Zealand artists collaborate to create unique New Zealand Metal Tui Bird Wall Art called Tui’s Lace

Embossed New Zealand Metal Tui Bird Art by NZ pewter artist Ninette Kruger

Tauranga-based pewter and metal embossing artist, Ninette Kruger specialises in bespoke Pewter & Metal Art for luxury homes – one-of-a-kind, original metal artworks for high-end interior decor.

Metal Tui Bird Art Collaboration between New Zealand artists Ninette Kruger Metal Art and Anna Mollekin Art

New Zealand artists Ninette Kruger and Anna Mollekin collaborated to create a collector’s set of unique NZ metal bird artworks, including Tui’s Lace, Homegrown Lace and Fantail’s Lace

Metal Bird wall art New Zealand Tui Bird
Available for purchase from The Lawnmower’s Son Art Gallery

Embossing Anna Mollekin’s Tui’s Lace Design in metal

Tui’s Lace is the 3rd in our 3-part Lace series in my art collaboration with New Zealand contemporary artist, Anna Mollekin.

Out other 2 artworks in this series include “Fantail’s Lace” and “HomeGrown Lace”

Born in Thames, New Zealand, Anna studied a Bachelor of Media Arts in Hamilton. She now lives near the beach in Auckland, New Zealand with her family.

Anna works in both ink pen and digital mediums and is inspired by our beautiful country. She enjoys exploring the themes of New Zealand’s flora and fauna.

This artwork was inspired by her daughter’s lace dress and love for the New Zealand Tui and nature. The lace reflects the delicate and intertwined connection between the Tui and it’s habitat.

Behind the scenes sneak peek of how I embossed Tui’s Lace

Join me for a peek into my world and see how I brought this design to life in metal.

Embossing Tui’s Lace on metal

I had the great pleasure to work on Anna’s design while on holiday in the beautiful Ohiwa Harbour area, situated between Ohope and Opotiki in the lush Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand.

While embossing “Fantail’s Lace”, I had breathtaking views of the mountains (see if you can spot the rainbow in the video). With relaxing music playing, the fireplace crackling happily behind me and a glass of decent Port on hand, it was a blissful few days away!

Embossing a New Zealand Tui Bird design in metal
Embossing Tui’s Lace with beautiful mountain views

I find that nothing fills my creative well as fully as a few days in a beautiful area… Connecting with nature, unplugging from technology, and just taking in my surroundings on a deeper level really helps me to reconnect to my creativity.

I had the pleasure of waking up early to beautiful sunrises and enjoying my morning coffee with a multitude of native New Zealand birds happily announcing the break of a new day.

The rest of my days were spent walking miles and miles along empty beaches, exploring native forests, birdwatching, reading and just enjoying the peaceful, quiet environment.

Rainy afternoons and evenings were spent embossing Tui’s Lace and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of watching this gorgeous design come to life.

For more information on our collaboration and the other works in this series, please visit for our “Homegrown Lace” artwork.

New Zealand Metal Bird art collector set
Now available for purchase from The Lawnmower’s Son Gallery

Watch my interview with the fabulous, creative and inspiring Anna Mollekin here:

Ninette’s interview with Anna Mollekin

Our “Fantail’s Lace” artwork was documented in this blog post:

Embossed Metal "Fantail's Lace" design
Anna Mollekin’s “Fantail’s Lace” design embossed by metal artist, Ninette Kruger

For more on Ninette Kruger metal Art , please visit

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