Calling All Pewter & Metal Embossing Artists: LET’S COLLABORATE!

Calling all passionate pewter and metal embossing artists/tutors around the world! Let’s Collaborate!

Hi, I’m Ninette from Ninette Kruger Metal Embossing Academy in New Zealand. I would like to invite you to join our LOVE Metal Membership Club and offer you the opportunity to collaborate with me.

Ninette Kruger, Founder of the Love Metal Membership Club

Love Metal Membership Club

LOVE METAL Metal Embossing Membership Club


Create & Connect

Our metal embossing community is a place to hang out with like-minded people, form friendships and build connection with other metal enthusiasts.

Keen to grow your skills and learn from others?

Excited to share your photos and unique artistic skills with others?

Looking for ways to grow your audience and business? I would like to offer my online platform as a way for us to collaborate and thrive together!

This group is for you!

It’s a place where you can just be yourself and embrace your unique creativity.

It’s a place to grow your own embossing skills while being inspired by others.

It’s a place of kindness, compassion and encouragement – a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE…

The Power of Collaboration

I firmly believe in the power of community and collaboration. Especially in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the way in which it currently impacts the ways in which we have traditionally conducted business.

In a time where most of the world is in lockdown and facing a lot of uncertainty about the future, I want to offer my online Membership Vault and Private Community to you.

A bit more about me

I currently have access to two of the most powerful online business systems available to online entrepreneurs, namely Kartra and WordPress.

Since September 2019, I have been working hard to build my Membership Vault with online courses and to establish and grow my social media platforms and online audience.

I would like to offer fellow pewter/metal artists and business owners the opportunity to utilise these two platforms to showcase your work, gain more followers and grow your business.

Many artists are intimidated by the tech side of building an online business… I get it!

I was completely overwhelmed when I started this business 6 months ago, but with sheer grit and determination (and a lot of help and encouragement from business mentors) I have built a powerful online business through my website, online store and Membership Vault for online courses.

During this time I also established my business on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, and while I am still in the start-up phase, I am already seeing a lot of traction.

I believe there is so much value in a diverse community where members have different talents and skills, but where we share a common love of metal! Great things happen when we work together!

Where do you fit in?

I am certain that we reach can greater heights when we climb the mountains of life and business together, leaning on the skills and wisdom of those on the same journey as us.

I am convinced that if I am the I’m the smartest/most talented person in my sphere, I’m in trouble! So I want to invite you to become a part of our online community.

My superpower is to teach complete beginners the art of embossing and to unlock a passion for this craft in them. However, many of them are amazing artists and already so much better than I am, and this is where you come in!

I would like to be able to point my students to other experts in the industry to grow and develop their embossing skills.

I would like to offer you the opportunity to showcase your art within our community and also for you to have your own courses built out within our Membership Vault, ready for students to learn from you directly.

“Collaboration is no longer just a strategy: It is the key to long-term business success and competitiveness.” -Bob Mudge

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Reasons why collaboration is important

1. A different perspective…

One of the major benefits of a community of creatives is that there is never a shortage of ideas!

It may happen that you have made a lot of progress on an embossing project, but you’ve suddenly reached a roadblock you can’t seem to move past…

Let’s say you’ve run into trouble with your copper patina process. You’ve tried many different ways to achieve the desired look, but to no avail…

In the Love Metal membership community, you always have someone a little bit ahead of you, that can brainstorm possible solutions and offer suggestions.

Sometimes we just need different perspective!

When a group of people pool their knowledge, skills, and expertise, then talk problems out and debate potential solutions, projects that were stalled will begin to move forward once again.

2. Collaboration brings people together – It’s all about COMMUNITY.

We currently have members from all over the world in our community. Artists from South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, Venezuela, Peru, Australia, the UK, Sarajevo, and more!

Along with the beauty of the cultural diversity and influences, this bring a richness in creativity and artistic skill unlike anything I have seen before.

This is a community where kindness and encouragement is paramount and beautiful friendships are formed.

No matter the level of skills, whether you’re a complete beginner or a MASTER Metal artist, there is a place for you in our community and we truly embrace the beauty of each person’s unique style.

In this community, we value connection and community over competition. We want to see each other succeed, grow and THRIVE in our craft!

3. Collaboration helps people learn from each other

One of the best things about working collaboratively with people who bring different skillsets and backgrounds to the table is learning from their experience.

This means members are asking for feedback and opinions, sharing knowledge, finding out how other artists s approach their embossing projects, and gaining a better sense of how they work.

Learning from industry peers is not just a benefit of collaboration, it’s the first step towards building an industry culture centred around learning and development.

There are huge benefits when we work together, especially for the brand new metal crafters. They have an opportunity to learn from others far ahead of them in this journey.

As tutors, we have the opportunity to share our mistakes, successes, failures, workflow, etc., which will pave the way to success for our new community members.

I see this as an immense opportuntiy to pour back into our industry, and to leave a wonderful legacy.

4. Collaboration boosts morale

As connections are made between our artists and community members, friendship are forming and people are thriving!

Our community is a safe place to share your art, ideas, and give feedback and encouragement to others.

For many of us, it is our happy place… The place where we are connected to like-minded people, motivated to create and inspired to reach new heights in our art.

Join us today!

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