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Here you will learn all things related to pewter art & metal embossing

Hi there, Ninette here, metal embossing artist and instructor at Ninette Kruger Metal Embossing Academy. We are based in Tauranga, New Zealand, but offer online pewter and metal embossing classes and tutorials too, so no matter where you are based, you will be able to learn along with us.

This is where I teach my students pewter art and metal embossing techniques in an easy to understand, step-by-step way, to eliminate any overwhelm.

Herewith a quick introduction video from me:

My own story

My own pewter art journey started in 2004 and I have been obsessed ever since! I have done many various crafts and art forms over the years, but this is BY FAR my favourite thing to do!

I grew up watching my parental grandmother create the most amazing artworks in pewter. Pewter art was very popular in the 1940s until the lates 1960s. Unfortunately, by the time I wanted to learn, it has pretty much gone out of fashion…

I struggled to find pewter, pewter tools and someone to teach me how to do this. I finally found a book on the topic and an art store in my area had a few basic tools and pewter sheets, so I got cracking.

The book explained the steps quite well, but I remember my absolute shock and horror the first time I applied patina to my beautiful, shiny pewter project! No one warned me what was about to happen! I was absolutely mortified to see that the patina turned my pretty little butterfly design into a pitch-black, dull metal object that didn’t appeal to me at all!

I remember that the instructions were to sand off the patina with steel-wool, but that made it even worse! My once beautiful, shiny butterfly was now not only dull and black, but the whole surface was scratched by the steel-wool too. I was so disappointed…

After that incident, I went on a mission to find a tutor as I was determined to learn how to create pewter art pieces. After a few months of searching I stumbled upon Mimmic Studio in Johannesburg (this was way back in the day! They have changed owners and location since, but they are still amazing at their craft and continue to be a great source of inspiration to me).

Where things changed…

I took a beginner’s class from Mary-Ann Lingenfelder and that class changed my life! She taught us the basic metal embossing techniques in a step-by-step way that made so much sense. She taught us how to remove the patina using metal polish (and heaps of elbow grease) to add depth, interest and a beautiful shine to your pewter projects.

My passion for pewter was ignited in a big way and over the years, I have developed my own strategies and best practices to ensure the best possible end result.

I find so much joy in teaching these techniques to my own students! I love it when they text me to tell me how much they’ve enjoyed the class and how they are finding it hard to sleep now because they are so inspired by all the possibilities this art form offers!

Pewter art and metal embossing truly are some of the most versatile crafts out there. Absolutely gorgeous on its own, but then a world of possibilities open up when you realise you can combine it with scrapbooking, journaling, Bible Journaling, card making, mixed media art, stick it onto wood, glass and so much more!

Metal embossing and pewter art inspiration. Copper, pewter, aluminium and colour coated metals were used.
Metal Embossing Inspiration

If you’re keen to learn more, stick around. We’re just getting started, and I’m incredibly excited to see where this road will lead. If you have any questions regarding pewter art or embossing in general, please reach out. I’d be honoured to help you learn this fabulous craft.

Get started on your own metal embossing/pewter journey

If you’ d like get started right away, you can click here to sign up for your FREE Basic Metal Embossing Techniques Cheat Sheet. This is super handy when you’re just starting out to make sure you execute the techniques in the right way and in the right order.

Sign up  for your FREE Basic Metal Embossing Techniques PDF Cheat Sheet
Sign up for you FREE Basic Metal Embossing Techniques PDF Herehttps://nkmetalembossing.kartra.com/page/FreeTechniquesPDF

If you have any questions, please drop a comment or send me an email. I’d love to answer all your burning pewter and metal embossing questions on this blog.

If you’ve been wanted to learn this and would like to get started right away, I have a comprehensive online course focused at complete beginners, that you can join today! To learn more about exactly what we cover in the course, please visit the Metal Embossing Made EASY course here

Shop for metal embossing tools and supplies

And if you need any metal embossing tools or supplies, I’ve got you covered! Visit our online shop here for tools, pewter sheet, aluminium sheet, rollers, patina, beeswax, paint options, stencils and more!

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Practice, experiment and HAVE FUN!

All you really need to succeed in this craft is the will and passion to learn and experiment.

Metal Embossing is incredibly versatile, and the best advice I can give you, is to practice your techniques, but when you do a project, let the metal do what it wants to do…

Pewter, aluminium and copper-plated/colour-coated aluminium are all soft metals that are so willing to be bend and moulded into all sorts of exciting shapes and designs. This means that even when repeating exactly the same design, your end result will seldom be the same.

You will see that as you start working out your designs, the metal stretches and forms in different ways, depending on the gauge and type of metal you’re using. Have a general idea of what you’d like to achieve, but release the control and let it the design develop in its own way as you’re working with it. It is such a rewarding process, and always has that little element of surprise at the end.

Be inspired by other artists, but above all, let your own creativity flow and shine through in what you create. Don’t try and copy what someone else has done, make it your own. And above all, relax and have fun while doing so!

So let’s the journey begin…

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